RAID: Shadow Legends for PC

RAID: Shadow Legends for PC

Collect & Battle in a Dark RPG Fantasy World

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CategoryRole Playing
AuthorPlarium Global Ltd

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About RAID: Shadow Legends For PC

While it's a fantastic game, I cannot even get to certain levels without paying 8 hours a day. Microtransactions are too dependent

Although I put off rating the game to make sure I knew my rating, I want it to be clear that I have given 5 stars as of the Morrigaine Event. A week ago, I thought I would have to give up on the game due to dropping rates and scarcity resources. While I realize that you can still succeed with minimal cost, it takes a lot of time. Morrigaine's epic and how it fuses together are game-changers, and a clear sign of progress. Plarium, keep it up!

This was a great game. You greedy scumbags have taken the enjoyment out of this game in an attempt to maximize profits for shareholders. This game is not something I've been enjoying for a while and I won't recommend it to anybody unless I'm a billionaire. Fragment events to grant champions are too ridiculous in terms of requirements. What is the best way for a new or casual player to reach the 3.7k threshold at the Dungeon Divers event? When I first started, it was about 2k. This won't make any difference, but it will allow me to "play fair."

I decided to give it a shot since there was a Halloween contest for prizes. The wheel started spinning when I clicked on it. It wasn't worth the effort and it was removed.

Although it's an enjoyable game, it would be great if it was possible to trade or assign gear to members of guilds. It's fun to use and it allows you to collect champions.

It would be nice to have more stars, but this keeps popping up during battles. It is becoming more common lately. Although this is not the end of Raid, it does mean that I no longer want Raid.

This game is trash. I regret spending 60+ days on this game and 20 something dollars. It was not worth the effort. Get as many characters strong as you can and make sure they are Legends (if possible). You'll only have fun for about a week, but then you will be bored and unable to do the same thing again. They look great though. RAID YOU SUCK! !

This game was fun when I had my password for my previous account. I have played it before and thought it was fantastic. There are some things that need to be improved, such as the chance of getting legendary heroes. But I'm able to deal with this. I'm excited to see the next chapter in the game.

This game is not my favorite. I cannot put in new codes after the tutorial. It just seems stupid.

There are some bugs that make it impossible to access certain menus (sometimes) but the game is still fun and can be played for quite a while. The animations for female champions !!!! are better. Sometimes the force update does not work and you cannot play.

Great game, but the shard draws are very poor really low. They make you spend too much. I am getting tired of the game. The shards and the souls sucking to hard to pull what u need.

The 3rd party was disabled. mercy system counter. The review will be downgraded until they add a mercy system counter to the game. Each month that the mercy system counter has not been implemented will be rewritten with a lower star ratings. Thank you for solving this Plarium. Update: Plarium added new cool content but has not addressed the mercy system tracking. Review downgraded to 2* It was really painful, plarium.

This game is not what I wanted. I tried everything to get it to work, but it won't let me load it.

Game by Quest from Zombie Frontier 4 has been installed. They have not accepted my claim that this is my first installation of the game. Do you have any proof that I installed this game the first time?

You will not be able to get the best champions without spending money, or using a bonus login code. It is difficult to advance and the game itself is not very enjoyable.