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Ring - Always Home for PC

See and speak with your visitors from anywhere in the world on your smartphone

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Unnacceptable. They removed the safety hazards of the car looking for properties along my street. If you aren't able to alert about suspicious activity, what is the purpose of this app?

It is absurd to have a security camera that captures events but then when you try to view them, all you see is a loading icon.

Even with motion alerts, it can take several minutes to get a live camera of your front door loaded. It is dangerous and reckless design. Literally, minutes. It took me 10 minutes to load it. You won't know if your beloved one is dead or if it's a cat.

It's the same each time you update and add about 100Mb. Nothing changes! They force you to update the app otherwise it will not work.

After spending over an hour with India customer service, my account was deactivated. All was fine and I have been deactivated. What is the point of being surprised?

Amazing camera. Ring is one of the worst software I have ever used. You can't retrieve older videos with this software. It took me so long to download the video, and then I got an error downloading it again. This is not the problem with my browser or connection. I've been there, done that. A different camera would have been better if I had known. Don't reply, I can't get that time back. You can only make amends if you truly regret it.

They are absolute rubbish products. These products are total junk. They won't work below the 00 C. They are useless for 6 months. Junk hardware, a cluttered and janky app. Deserves to be sued in a group action.

Due to my family's hospitalizations, I was forced to be away for a significant amount of time. I was able check in on my house from the hospital. Wish I had bought the Ring years ago. Thank you for making my life easier. It has one problem: it takes too long to take effect. It tells me about the motion only after it has occurred. It tells me when a vehicle passes my house, not as it is approaching. I prefer to be warned before it arrives. It's all great.

This was installed on my smartphone and my wife's phones. It was easy to set up and detected perfectly. My wife was able initially to see the video, but I couldn't. Although signal strength can be strong, it is not able to connect when there's a motion detector or doorbell is pushed. It is pretty useless as it stands and we cannot find a solution. We are annoyed that we paid for a 1 year monitoring plan, which we can't even access right now.

I bought this ring to protect my children and me from my neighbor, a peekaboo white neighbour. Not to mention that they stalk us every day and come in our yard to put stuff..KAREN KREEPY KAZY. THE APP DOES NOT WORK IF YOU LEAVE HOME. My neighbors are racially attacking me.

Very disappointed. You can buy the device, but you will need to subscribe in order for the recording to be visible. You get a 30-day free trial. If you do not buy a subscription, they will delete any videos already stored on the site. You get more pixels for every object that is closer to your camera. Even though night vision works well, it is not possible to see objects in the dark. Your device and your camera will connect at the same time so that you can check who is there. I AM YET VERY DISSAPPOINTED

The update has improved connectivity between the phone app and your computer. especially the doorbell (gen 2) connectivity has been reduced. In live mode, sound quality has also been affected by the 'excellent' Wi-Fi signal ...... What is the problem? ?

My new Google Pixel 7 Pro app keeps freezing and crashing...no one knows why? There is an unacceptable lag in notifications ....15 mins after someone arrives at my house ..... It's really pointless.

The main issue is that the video clips don't stop playing after a while. I have to click the camera whose footage I wish to view again. It is impossible to watch more than one clip from any given camera. You can't search for time lapse. I CAN'T PLAY VIDEO ANYMORE.

When it needs, it works. It picks up motion quickly and then the next day it is very quiet. If someone was around, I would feel more at ease at night. But it is not possible to rely on the ring to make me comfortable.