Roku Remote for PC

Roku Remote for PC

Turn your Android Device into a control center for your Roku Player and Roku TV

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AuthorWilliam Seemann

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About Roku Remote For PC

The top 20 Roku Remote Apps were all tested and I found this one to be the best. It does not have spam ads, it works well, and you can access your child's soul. Support Thr Dev by making a donation!

I don't want my TV mounted on the wall so they aren't coming to my home. I am getting the roku remote and micophone along with the roku firestick.

I find it a bit odd that the RED X is on the ICON for headphone listening on the lower left. I don't know why they put this horrible RED X. No need. If people want to click LISENING then they can show their message. REMOVE THE UNUGLY AND INJURING RED MARK

It is the perfect remote for Roku. This is now the official Roku remote. It's a good thing, because my remote was broken and could not do any of my TV functions. Roku, thank you.

This app is terrible. It takes too long to reach the remote. After a while, the remote stopped working so I had to M out.

It is sad that although the private listening buttons are shown in the images above, when you attempt to use them you will need another app. My phone also says it has a virus. False advertising can be a problem.. viruses can also be rude.

An app for third parties that can outperform the official version with similar ease. It's absurd, but it is true. This is what you should do. All they have to do is make roku realize their ridiculous mistakes in the latest update of their app.

Amazing that the Roku-built remote app has been redesigned and destroyed. It's great to find a Roku application with large arrows which make it easier to control your TV, but don’t change its layout.

Let's just say that I am legally blind. Though I was convinced that my smartphone could be used as a remote control for my monitor, that wasn't the case. Even with audio cues on, it was cumbersome. I don't get the right direction because of how repetitive they are. It is not possible to save favorites. Uninstall the app if you are unable to use it.

It didn't work when I put my headsets in.

The remote connects to my two rokus, so that I can switch between the apps. My kids lose their remotes all the time so it always works for me

This helped me find my remote when I couldn't find it.

The remote is perfect. I don't know how turn up the volume, but it works.

This is currently the only Roku remote application that I have found to work on Chromebook. This is the best Roku remote app I have tried. It can see my TV immediately and even get it out of sleep mode. It is very happy.

It keeps telling me it cannot connect to the internet, but I continue connecting it. This is a terrible app. I strongly advise you not to download it.