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RTÉ Player for PC

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I had to download the update. Now, NO PROGRAM WILL WORK. Only the Ads will. Was it too much RTE? Did I watch too many without having to pay a license fee? Ghouls.

There are no live broadcasts available on Android TV. After watching advertisements before programs should begin, there are many errors.

This app is a disgrace and not an advertisement for the rte/developer. It's what media license holders pay in Ireland for to address many of the problems associated with apps to list

Can't watch any of it. Audio is good, visual could cause an epileptic fit. It seems like the player has been on the drink for several weeks and now the video can't be seen.

The series don't last long enough. It isn't like they have a large selection. I don’t understand why they take them down so quickly.

It's a terrible app. Why do you have to endure adds at each show's beginning? I would rather listen to the interval music than watch adds. It's a waste of taxpayers money.

It is very glitchy and sometimes stops working without any reason. It has the most annoying interval music that I've ever heard.

This app is amazing, especially with the box sets. I love it!

This App is rated at 4.1 by the users. This is the worst app I have ever seen. All the reviews that I read gave it 1 star. It won't even open. It closes right away after you click on it. Never did I see any of the advertisements people had written. Woeful.

You have solved the problem and it is now working well. I'm giving the app 4 stars till i can see the program working properly during my programs, after which, maybe 5. Well done so far ...

It's a good app, but not 5 stars. I give it 4 stars because I prefer BBC iPlayer to your streaming service. But it is ok