Samurai Wars for PC

Samurai Wars for PC

real-time tactical war-game

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AuthorFelix Ungman

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About Samurai Wars For PC

You can add castles, boats, and possibly even a Japan Battle Map to the game. If an enemy clan attacks them you can defend them with your defenses.

Keep up the good work. You could also add seige battles to the game and create new units such as the phalanx, which are anti-cavalry infantry. Also you could include an instruction manual for players new and old. Additionally you can make 3D models of troops fighting with animations. These suggestions will make this game amazing.

It's a great game, but if you have to create another one can it be about modern warfare or the viking knights of samurai?

It is without a doubt the most amazing mobile game that I have ever seen. The graphics and UI are my only issues. Other than that, it is perfect.

A favorite of mine, but a glitch is making me mad. Sometimes armys disappear after changing maps and I cannot Spawn Troops. Can you help fix this?

It's a good game, Total War Shogun II on mobile. However, the controls are different and it is a great game.

While it can be an awesome, for me it's not. It doesn't seem to work every time i attempt an online battle.

This game is my favorite, especially the sandbox. I would love to see a Napoleonic War, Civil War or American Revolution version. It's well made, and I like the mechanics.

Reintroduce the simple old form where you could position troops and place them early in the game. Bring back old music. Placement of troops is much more difficult.

It is an excellent strategy game. However, once I close it, the app won't allow me to return in. Thank you for your time. Thanks.

This is one of my all-time favorite games. I found exactly what I was searching for in this game. The game has almost no issues, according to me. The game is in the process of development so I am sure that there will be more updates. There are a few bugs and glitches, but these are minor issues that have probably been resolved already. His game is highly recommended. Thank you for creating the game.

This was an enjoyable game. Could you create a new theme, such as medieval or ancient?

This game is great! I have been playing it since its inception. My only problem is the fact that I can't edit maps using map editor.

This is a great game, it's almost like a simulator. If you can make the graphics better because i want them to move their hands.

It's fine for what it is. I love the animated characters and watching them fight. It was very entertaining and time-consuming.