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Schwab Mobile for PC

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AuthorThe Charles Schwab Corporation

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Schwab bank is a great choice. Although they are an excellent bank, their mobile app doesn't show that. They must be able to fix simple features such as dark mode or the ability to import contact into zelle. It feels like an app from 2015

Charles is a brokerage that you can use if your bank chases you. Do not bother. Look for another brokerage. My account has been pending for over a week and I still haven't received it. The bank's varification doesn't work. They require 2 deposits. After completing my varification, it showed that the bank was varrified. However, it does not show any account additions when you try to add funds. Schwab said that there was an error during the process. They reset. We tried again. Doesn't work. Look for a new brokerage

It's worth less with new updates! Watchlist no longer auto updates. It is now unreliable and static because I have to manually refresh it. No matter how recent the data is, it will still show the most current version. Trades are not possible from this site anymore. When I receive an error from the system cancelling my orders, I have to visit the website in order to correct it. The chart also lags up to 15 minutes compared to other charts. The app has become almost useless except for the ability to place new orders.

The app keeps giving an error message when you try to log in. Please provide a phone number. As of October 22, 22 there has been no updates. It is my fear that logging on to my smartphone will prevent me from making a move when I need it.

The app is great, but please add a dark mode. This is why all of my accounts have not been transferred from TD to Schwab since before the merger. If you make the dark mode, I will give it 5 stars. For now they remain at ...... if I am wrong it doesn't show me how I can change it.

This app is not designed for trading options. Update: The password reset email has not been sent to me. It would be great if there were a zero-star option.

Both my wife and me opened online accounts, but they were both frozen and shut down. To retrieve my money, I must go to person. They wouldn't tell me what the problem was.

Basic functions. There is no way to organize my positions in $, % gains per day, or over a lifetime. Indexes can be used to perform more functions (with or without logon) that positions within my accounts.

It is now impossible to deposit checks due to the latest update. Manual takes a photo and auto doors don't take one.

It would take me forever to log in and make trades. It has cost me money.

#2022-Sept. App becomes worse in fast market#prices often wildly incorrect & inconsistent (Schw states known problem)#History filter does not work half of the time#The app's spinners go 'round ’n ‘round,...until the market closes again and trades are missed#Wash rule Warning please. I am sure that you have the technology. #Needs cumulative loss/gain on rolled option.

We appreciate you adding zelle. But why is zelle like a website? Why can't I find my contacts on my phone?

There are two comments. Scrolling down triggers crashes. Fix it. The Zelle portion is horrible. It's slow. It's slow. Should stick when paying. Zelle still slow.

The performance graph for intelligent profiles has been blank for months. This happens on my smartphone and tablet.

Temporarily, 1 star. I absolutely love dark mode. IOS has dark mode. It is easy to implement. This app is easy to 5 stars if you add dark mode!