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Five stars would be a great rating. The battery percentage when the headphones are connected is the only thing that I rate as a missing star. Mine are Soundcore life q30. They are amazing!

It does not work with soundcore Life Q30 Samsung A20 5G smartphones. A blue circle appears after connecting, and then disappears. NFC pairing gives an error saying "Requires App Use", tested with 3 separate A22 devices. However, pairing works perfectly on a desktop machine. It's a shame because the voice quality is incredible.

The sound quality and sound reproduction quality are excellent (I use soundcore liberty 2 pro+) and it always connects great ....thanks for that the reason I only gave one star is because the app crashes every time I remove the headphones from the dock. They're in transparent mode so I must reach for my phone to switch them, which is annoying. Is it possible to have the default setting of non-transparent? Give the app the ability to choose the mode that I prefer.

The app reads all your email. Take a look at data collection. Take a look at the data they have on you. It doesn't matter if the data is never shared with anyone. You have tons of information that they can access and would be happy to share it with anyone who asked. They'd give it to the government. The headphones don't sound better. This is an added campaign that combines data collection with it.

It was amazing to me how the noise cancelation works and that the headphones keep my ears warm. This will prove very helpful in winter. I love it, it is beautiful and very cozy.

Is the motion q missing from the list of add devices in the App? Today I purchased the speaker and couldn't add it to my device list.

I love that Soundcore allows you to set Eq in your app, even for their most affordable headphone models. It works great! I love the app, thank you!

I keep getting disconnected from soundcore P3 randomly. Can you please send a firmware update for the headphones? It's been occurring a lot.

It sounds like I have a stereo in my ears. The case recharges the batteries quickly, and I love the color.

It's a good app. However, once your headphones have been paired with the app, it is impossible to get them out of your device. They can't be returned if they are damaged.

The soundcore raveneo was working perfectly until I updated the firmware 01.54. Now, the Bluetooth led lights up, the power led, and the volume buttons are all malfunctioning. The volume up + volume Down + bass + lights+ in the device are no longer working if it is operated via the speaker. I can only use the app to control the light and bass. I need your help.

The best audio device and app for budget. It easily competes with expensive brands such as Sony and Bose. Anker also makes quality products.

It is very frustrating that the options for configuring buttons are limited. The widget can't connect to the phone without opening the application. What is the point of this hub? Everything else looks great and does what it says.

It worked great, but my Flare+ speakers stopped retaining their settings (bass boost and eq), so I had to tweak it in order to get them to work. It was very frustrating.

It is beyond my comprehension why X10 headphones can only be changed by one press. It is possible that this may also be the case for other products. However, I must hold the button down for at least 2 seconds in order to play or pause. Instead of being able program one press to lower/higher the volume. This means that I must time my presses, or it will register double-presses and skip tracks. To raise or lower volume by more than one level, you must pause at the end of each press. Ridiculous.