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App. Functioning decent. It is not easy to function decently when you are forced to view 480p or 360p programming by 2022, especially for premium sports channels. This is especially true since it seems that we can't stream via PC anymore.

CPL T20 Cricket subscription purchased. I received an email stating that it could not be played in my country, even though the Caribbean is where the video is stored. (CPL 2022)

One month in the Premier League, there is still no stream. If I am forced to wait, I'll delete the app.

This app is on the App Store. What's the point? There are no live matches. Please go back to the drawing boards.

The app is great, but I am curious as to why there has not been a live premier league yet. However, you can find many old games on replay.

It's just that I don't understand why the replays of old matches are being shown instead of showing us current ones. It used to allow me to view the EPL, but now I can only see live statistics like Google. Just want to watch the Premiere League without Keisha being 5 miles away.

My new England League is now live and since I can't view any matches so far, I will be searching for other matches last season. Even for the first matches, I am so disappointed that I may delete this app.

The app is getting worse. This is week 2, and the EPL Season 2 season has just begun. There's no live streaming of matches. Replays of games from previous seasons are available to you guys !!!! This app must be removed immediately! !

I downloaded the Premier League app to view it, but now the app isn't even available..

The fact that the Premier League has started and there is no stream available for it is dissatisfying. The League's opening weekend

Okay, I have changed my mind about this app. But I cannot go higher than 2, because it's the Premier League and I don't have rush to watch.

I can't watch live matches ....even though I paid for it ....I only see matches that were played previously