Stickman Battlefields for PC

Stickman Battlefields for PC

Experience ultra realistic and action packed arcade battlefield atmosphere!

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AuthorDjinnworks GmbH

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While it's an enjoyable game, there are a few issues they need to work on. I found that sometimes the online battles restarts you in the exact same place you died. The problem is that guys can pick you off repeatedly.

You will need more weapons, more attributes, better vehicles, and more level ..... ..... More suits and guards ...... One more thing... Increase sensitivity and control. Thank you

This game is great, but it doesn't allow you to wache an add !!!!!!!!!!. It is extremely difficult to obtain gold or credits in order to purchase things. PLEASE FILL THIS GAME !!!!. !.

The game isn’t nearly as enjoyable as it was a year ago. It is so lame that it states on the weapons, "Watch an advertisement to receive it free of charge." It doesn't work. Don't waste time.

Although it is a great game, it doesn't allow me to see adds. If this were fixed, it would get five stars.

It was a great idea to be able to... you know... watch an advertisement for weapons free of charge! Yeah. As you can see, the rating was a slap on the face. Gaming is becoming too greedy.

HORRIFIC CONTROLS! They couldn't make the co-tools so easy to use that it was impossible to play any KEVEL without being shot. You did a great job ruining this game, jackass. This app is not recommended. It will frustrate and slow down your computer. WASTE OF TIME!

There are some complaints about the internet. Two players may see someone or something else in another place. Or the time you fire a gun, rocket or other weapon. fired. Edit: The teams you're on, like team deathmach. One player may leave, but another person will go to the opposing team. This is because the team is losing.

Ummmm, nice game but there are some issues (1) Now my level 10 desert eagel unlock is not visible and I click to activate but it does not respond. Please add friends and 1vs1 and send your messages. It has only 20 messages. Update this game please.

It was a great game, and I'm done. But I made a mistake. It wasn't bound and I now play it starting from the beginning.

It's a great game, but it needs to be improved. DON'T YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT WILL TAKE? I HAVE TO GET $200 FOR A FREAKING MISSION.

Why cant i watch adds? It says to watch an advertisement, but I cannot watch it. Is it a problem with my phone? My android phone is not able to sync with my Google Play Games account. It won't allow me to see the progress that I have backed up.


Make it easier to view videos than spend hours trying to obtain all the money needed to upgrade weapons. I'm not paying any real money and so many hackers are either shooting through walls or walking through them like Call of Duty.