StreamSquid for PC

StreamSquid for PC

StreamSquid is a free music streaming app and internet radio service

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About StreamSquid For PC

I tried playing multiple songs with the same error. To get the exact same result, I had to close the app and restart it. Uninstalled.

Search function broken. The app returns no search results every time I try to search genres that can be found easily on the website. It's also good.

My browser version works flawlessly on my PC. The mobile app version was working a few weeks back. The latest version was installed and it is no longer functional. Over and over, throws (No search result)

Great music app. A recent problem was quickly fixed. This app is a big thumbs-up, and so was the entire dev team.

The app is great. I think the playlist needs to be updated regularly. I also don't understand why I cannot sign in.

It worked great until I tried to log in. It works great and can play almost any song. However, when I try to sign in it crashes the app, forcing me to uninstall it and reinstall it. This should be fixed.

App is working great! This app is a true gem within the App Store. Samsung Note 9 has stopped working the app. You must fix this so that I can hear music. We are grateful!

It crashes after playing one song. That would be awesome, but it needs to work properly.

It would be a great app or service if it weren't so broken and buggy. Site is still an excellent service

Bad reviews are not something I enjoy writing. The website is great and easy to use. However, the app does not play any of the songs. It's not worth installing the app.

A streaming app that does not flood you with advertisements, but you still give low reviews? This app is lit.

Youtube music without video... Music playing differently from the song title... Mispelled titles and incorrect spacing... Both website and app are full of bugs and glitches...

When I am at work, I use streamsquid's web-based version. It's great to see that you have an app. Many thanks, guys.

App Buggy It stops playing music without reason. The music stops for a few seconds and then resumes playing. This happens between 5-6 times per song. What's the use of this app? I can't listen to even one song at a time. Site is great.

No ads, search is free, there's no donation and you can skip to any playlist or skip. It is not perfect, but you can imagine the revenue developers made from it before they trashed reviews. This is a sure sign of philanthropy by the men who created it.