Sword Art Online: Integral Factor for PC

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor for PC

Aim to conquer Aincrad with Kirito and Asuna

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CategoryRole Playing
AuthorBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

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About Sword Art Online: Integral Factor For PC

This is the best game I have ever played and it's not just me. The game has element that we can get excited about like a real ..... Hopefully, we will be able to buy a house there or marry there.

This is becoming annoying, especially since the link that says "Please leave the guild form another world" appears every time I use the app's interface link. I really enjoy your game, please fix it! !

The experience is almost like living in Sao, but from a 3rd person perspective. It is a wonderful experience. However, it does not open up the world completely. Instead, its story-based.

This is a great rpg you can play all day. The game keeps crashing on my phone, but then it comes back and works perfectly. Is there something wrong?

Thank you for this update. After a while, I can now launch the game again without needing to verify. One thing I should mention is that whenever i tried to start a boss fight/enter a boss room it took a long time for the game to load. It would go blank and then take almost two minutes before it finally loads. It's a great game.

It was still playable until I became stuck in the Floor 25 dungeon. There were no monsters around. The tower's rest is empty, with the exception of a door at the bottom floor/spawn zone. A blue barrier separates me from the other door that contains monsters. The blue barrier is located behind my navigation map. Despite the fact that it is the only way out, I cannot get through the barrier. It was the game's fault. I attempted to clear storage and restart the game. PLS FIX THIS.

Can't get into the game and it quits almost instantly, but I would love to be allowed to continue playing it

Please! This game was my favorite back when it was available. I still love the game, but haven't seen the series yet. After I completed the puzzle and downloaded the game again, the program crashes. This happens every time I try to enter the game. It seems like many others are having this problem. Please fix it, but we still want the game.

It's amazing! Now I can watch sword art online and play the anime that my childhood was.

Although it was enjoyable, the grind gets more and more tedious. I finally gave up climbing after reaching floor 12. I decided to let my character go. I uninstalled the app.

It's great! The story is fantastic. I can't wait for the next level. A Alfheim online integral element factor would also be awesome, especially if connected with this game.

This was transferred twice between my phone's phones when I upgraded them. I have not played for a while. I came back to play, but there was no data on my account. It's a complete waste of money to have your account data disappear after you stop playing. It's a waste of money to invest in this game if your account data disappears mysteriously.

If you enjoy watching loading screens, having conversations with other people and maybe even playing the game! Hooray! The tutorial was so boring and long that it made me not want to play the game. You don't have to spend 45 minutes on the tutorial just to learn how they work. It's not well worth your time.

It's great that this bug was removed and it is now possible to play the game again. This game is amazing and I look forward to more updates.

Incredible game. Although the gacha system doesn't seem to be that terrible, it is necessary for the game to survive. They are also generous with premium currency. Although the gameplay is fun and fast, there are still some glitches and disconnections every 20-30 seconds. It's still a fantastic game.