TextingStory - Chat Story Maker for PC

TextingStory - Chat Story Maker for PC

Create a video with text messages - TextingStory is now available on Android 😀

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AuthorYvz Digital Lab

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About TextingStory - Chat Story Maker For PC

Although the app works well, it doesn't work when I try to upload a picture. This is why i absolutely love this app:D

This app is amazing! I'm a storyteller by text! This app is a great help! I wish everything could be free. I understand that i have the option to pay for certain colours. This app has been my favorite for almost a year! I love that it doesn't glitch or lag! It's a great feature and I look forward to more.

The app itself is great, but it should be free on iPhone. On Android however, the camera/photos are not for money.

It's pretty good. It's great! There is one problem. You should be able save every story to your gallery and then keep it as a video. When I upload to YouTube, I must screen record. I EMPRESS OMGG GTYSM FOR LISTENING! It is now rated 5 stars.

This app is great! I think it's better than any fake one. I have my own fandoms because I am a YouTuber.

It's a great app, but there's one problem. I cannot find the save button. So when I want to uninstall the app and then reinstall later on, I need to manually add characters to the story. If there was a way to do this please tell me.

This is great! I loved it, and the best thing about this was that there were loads of stories to tell. It was all there even though I had accidentally deleted them. This made my day. This feature makes me happy because many apps will likely force you to restart. There are very few ads.

It's a great app that you can use for many things. I highly recommend it.

It's great! I could write my own stories and have made a lot of it already.

It worked fine, but it stopped working after two months. It's a little strange and doesn't seem to work. I deleted it and tried again, but no luck.

This app is amazing! It's so much fun to create my own stories! Unfortunately, it is not possible to purchase many cool items. They should change the colors! They have too many colors. I don't like them. <3

It doesn't allow me to create videos with it. It kept closing itself. Please fix it. I use an Android phone. Redmi Note 10 is the most popular.

This app is great. This app is simple to use and works flawlessly. It's easy to use and there is nothing you can complain about.

It's so rewarding and beautiful when I make stories with it. I love this game! I also pretend to be ordering preppy slime. It's so hilarious!

It's great! The only problem is that if I want to put in a pic I must pay. I get paying for other items, but pictures help make it more interesting.