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Timebox Timer for PC

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About Timebox Timer For PC

This timer is beautiful and I'm looking forward to it! However, I do have a problem report. This app makes my Garmin Venu smartwatch go crazy! When the timer is updated, it vibrates each second! Although it's unclear if Timebox is the problem or Garmin's, I'm unable to get the best out of Timebox right now.

It is an excellent timer that has transformed my work life. This app is great for managing your wellness.

The app works well and is easy to use, even when you have short deadlines. This app is great for both home and work projects deadlines.

This is exactly what I needed. It runs on an older phone and allows me to focus on school. It's perfect.

It looks great, does what it is supposed to, and gets out of my way. A minor annoyance is that if the "restartā€ option is enabled, it sends a notification every other second which causes my notification list to jump. I don't really need this option.

It's simple and easy to use. This app has been my favorite for over a year. It works great, has no bugs and is very user-friendly.

It is a very nice application. It is great for promotion and focusing on.

This app is great! It has a clean interface, and it's easy to use. Even though there were no ads, they were very helpful and not intrusive. Thank you developers.

The timer is great in all aspects except for one: you can't use multiple timers simultaneously. This function would have earned it a 5-star rating.

After updating, linked timers no longer work. It didn't matter how many timers were replaced or set up. The link timer used to work. Previously, it was almost perfect and had 4 stars. This is now only one star. If it is not restored to the original function, I will uninstall. Update: Reinstalled the program after it was uninstalled over two months ago. It seems that it is working again. It's still something I have to watch.

We are sorry, but we have to remove a few stars. It is really necessary that the task completion title be related to the task chosen. Is this possible? It's an excellent all-round app, thanks to the incorporation of shortcuts for each task. Many thanks.

This timer is my favorite. It has an old-fashioned feel and it's simple. Timebox Timer, thank you!

It's exactly what I want. Automated restart of the timer. You can set how long the ringtone will ring. It's simple and straightforward to use. Excellent.

We would like to have certain sounds with the timer. -Task manger -History total hours spent per day (bar gargh).

This app has been my favorite for many months. The app is great, but I would like to see a pause option.