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Your account can be easily stolen or hacked. Because they can only provide support for paid subscribers, you will be unable to get any assistance. You will also be able to steal and hack your paid subscription account. Poor system security.

Don't download the update. Update is ******, It was great, just like the desktop version. But developers have made it more difficult and impractical to use, making it slow and frustrating. TradingView users will never be satisfied with these unnecessary and stupid changes. This will be done to my desktop. I'll then cancel my subscription. Already looking for an alternative platform and app.

You would be so grateful if I had zero. You're so amazing with the new toolbar. Please keep it that way. And we can ditch tradingview.

Although I'd love to rate 5 stars without hesitation, I have to say that I give 1 star ratings because there are two missing features. Point 1: Allow users to use maximum 5 indicators in the basic free plan. Point 2: Please add a function to expand the candlestick shadow or wick and to enhance the border of candlesticks. It already has the ability to maximize the size or other tools of the trend lines. Thank you for the 5 star rating.

This app is great. My devive was very slow to load. Overall. This is a wonderful app. I would like to have more options for modernizing things, such as the ability to change candle colors. It's cool to look!

My previous vertical panel can no longer be accessed. The new panel is extremely frustrating. Please bring back my previous vertical drawing panel so people can choose to use it.

You are making users work harder and more stressful with your new update to the Tool Bar. Please return the toolbar.

It was a 5 star system, but it is now one. It's ridiculous to change an interface that people have been using for many years, and then ignore all complaints. You can either change it or you will see fewer subscriptions during this black friday sale. No longer possible to save templates favorites, the magnet toggle at the end of drawing tools is not accessible. The order of watchlists is not the same as that on the web. The process of drawing is now complicated. It should be the way it is now. Your software will be stopped by people

You used to be amazing. The UI updates are terrible. It's not something I love. You can always go back. We are grateful for this at the very least. Profil > Settings > Chart> Deselect and switch to the new toolbars This is no longer possible. The new ui will be dog shite. I am not renewing my subscription. We have the right to revert.

Every time I need to view a summary of a company's operations, the website directs me to an app that shows me ridiculous "trading ideas". This is the way to fix it.


This has been very detrimental. It used to be great, but now it is extremely expensive to have more than 5000 candles.

App was excellent and provided charts in a great way until the new interface. I'm not alone who doesn't like the change. You won't regret it.

Amazing app. It is powerful and very well-thought out. It mimics the website very well, and I can't think of anything to improve.

The new UI design is not what you want. The mobile app allows me to quickly provide technical analysis charts for 25k of my Twitter followers, even if a laptop is unavailable. It is no longer used. Simple tasks are too difficult, it takes far too much time to use drawing tools or change the time frame. It would be nice to have the option to go back to the original UI. I agree with the other reviews. It is cumbersome and inefficient for someone who uses many of these tools on a daily basis to chart.