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I love everything about the camera light. Although I have figured out the best way to set up the light to go on at a certain time, it won't turn off until that time.

Since one-half year, I have been using this app. I found it is very comfortable.. Only disadvantage is not able to use my computer with out android emulator...Requesting you to introduce web applications

Disappointed. It worked well once, and I tried it again. However, it keeps turning off and resetting every few minutes. It then takes a while before it turns on again. It has failed to work for me.

The app is far superior to the Smart Life app, which this manufacturer/company of Home Alarm systems recommends that you download on an android or iOS device. This will allow you to set up the DIY home security system. I purchased it on Amazon.

The thermostat scenes are limited to 1degC and not decimals of grade. This limits how automatons can be created using these devices. The user cannot delete a condition or triggers that occur when they create scences. This means that the user must delete all scences and not just the one they have. If you require more information, please contact me. I give you 2 (5 after fixing)

It doesn't know the music. If you keep the app open, it will disconnect and never find the lightbulb even though you are right there.

Although I like the idea of applying themes to lights, I would rather group them so that I could apply a single theme to each one.

It's still a learning process, but it seems to be working well. Oct22 I lost my pairing camera/router and can't get it back. There are no instructions and the app won't install properly. Camera is broken and disappointed.

This is a great thing for me as I am disabled. It also saves electricity because I can switch off appliances when they aren't needed.

The app is fantastic, but my lights cannot be controlled via Google Home. I can still turn on and off the lights using voice, but not all colour changing options.

I have had a negative experience. It has not worked for me positively.

Voice commands are not available on every device. Google and Alexa can't connect to Tuya, Tuya app cannot connect. It's absurd. This is absurd.

Upgrading to 4*. It was a little difficult to get used to at first, but once I figured them out it worked great. The app is still not compatible with my other device. It says it is not compatible. You'll be able to get five*.

It's been with me for almost a week. Although it isn't in its permanent place, it works well every time. It has many cool features that other cameras do not have. It was cheaper than all 3 of my other cameras, and I think it is the best. It is amazing!

Ok, I downloaded the app to control my led lights. It didn't come with a remote so it said I could change their color. But I don’t know how to do that.