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TXU Energy for PC

Get quick & easy access to your TXU Energy electricity account anywhere, anytime

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AuthorTXU Energy Retail Company LLC

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Since the beginning of the month, I've been trying to pay my bills. It keeps saying "Select payment option". Why not update it if you don't think it's enough.

Loyalty is difficult, but i'm still waiting for lower rates at $53 per month to keep an email each month.

INCORRECTLY PRESUPTIVE and MISLEADING. If you are using solar panels or have a buyback program, this app will be useless. Regardless of hardware or plan, this app lies to you. It is creating an energy breakdown across cooling, appliances, and water heaters, which is a huge red flag since we use gas water heaters.

The app is so shady it refuses to let me in my account. It says it doesn't match our records. The app asks for the same details but it goes directly to my account. What's the point of this app? It will only pass you by.

This company is the Company of the New Era, where fees can be a robbery. Disconnection costs $10 within 3 days of your due date. $5 Late payment fees apply. Even if you make your monthly payments, they still get an extra $14 from you every month. They are stealing our money! !

This app's functionality is constantly in question. They may say your login credentials were incorrect, or that there is a problem with the system. This should not be surprising as consumers' electric power is extremely important. TXU, this is very embarrassing. How can you take care of our accounts or bills?

It needs to be updated. My Note 10+ has had this app not work for several months. The log in page will not be displayed.

Liroku Toragi October 2, 2018, 3 I use the app primarily to view and pay my bills. Both of these are much simpler than the previous one. It's also the first thing that you will see. The new interface is more suited to my needs and offers a modern, sleeker user experience than the older one. It's much easier to log in ,... with Touch ID.

The app is garbage, like junk food burgers. It is impossible to log in and make changes or check my account. Logging in takes me to an error page.

Customer service is absurd. The app only answers questions and there is no phone number. How are customers supposed to get in touch with you?

I chose paperless. When I attempt to check my account, it shows invalid password. This is absurd since I had my password stored on my phone !!!!. This app seems useless, so I will call! !

I was doing well until this month, when it has been frustrating me with a loading screen. Because of how busy I am, it would be great to have that resolved. The app allows me to pay my bills via the phone rather than having to call it.

Apps that allow people to transfer money to other people can be given two stars. Some people download apps for their ease of use, such as myself. It's not going to be easy to log in if I need to create a new password each time. Fix app so that my device knows when it logs in to confirm that I am indeed the one logging on. There is no need to create a password beyond the initial download. Please. BTW, I couldn't have been happier with my electricity services. You don't have to worry about paying your bill.

Wow. I was sent a new password by you guys, but your account is still blocked. You all are doing what the hell?

It's buggy at its best. The login process can hang frequently, resulting in an ANR warning from Android. Sometimes, clicking wait allows the login process to continue. However, other features may not load or break once it is complete.