Ultimate Mouse Lite for PC

Ultimate Mouse Lite for PC

Take control of your mouse and keyboard through WiFi or Bluetooth!

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AuthorNEGU Soft

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About Ultimate Mouse Lite For PC

It is impossible to fix the app for Windows. The temporary solution is to close the app first, before closing and/or restarting your PC.

This app is amazing. It would be great if the left-hand side scroll could be enabled, as my left hand cannot reach it. We are grateful.

To control this app, you will need to install it again on your computer. It prevents your computer from restarting, log off and shutting down after it is installed. Repairs are required.

Connect, install and then use. The control is quick and easy. There are no hassles. Bluetooth is indispensable for travelling and works flawlessly. Every time it connects.

This app works great for me, contrary to what some have said. I haven't been disappointed so far. It always connects.

The first time it worked smoothly. However, the error indicating that connection was broken occurred! How can I recommend this app? What can I do to recommend the worst app !!!!!!? Try to fix or improve the issue so that your app is in the 5 Star Rating

It is very simple and I like it. It refused to connect to my tablet. Instead, it kept "pairing" ...".

All comments, stars and app are fake. I tried it, and you will too. But it's not working.

This is a very cool app. Now I can surf from my seat. It uses less battery than Desktopremote. Text to Speech allows me to create stuff for school while keeping my mind flowing. I do have one request: Make it dark so that your battery drain is less! !

The computer connected fine, but it stopped working. My Wi-Fi connection is fine and still works fine.