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Vidman show you the most popular movies and cinema nearby.

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About Vidman For PC

This app was previously used to view movies. Now it says it is a puzzle.

Although it does have ads, this app is amazing. I also don't own an apple TV and can still watch Billie Eilish's documentary 100/10.

This app was downloaded and I haven't been able to connect my TV since then. It freezes when it connects.

Although it is supposed to be completely free, I don't really like having to pay a premium for it. Please make it completely free.

This app is great, but it has one issue. Every time it casts it to my TV it doesn't work in time. It bugs me that I need to disconnect my tv from it and reconnect it.

This app was great the last time I installed it. But now, this APP isn't working. It keeps loading and loading.

I'm seriously being fooled. Your ads are fine, but we now have to watch them in order to get a movie. Uninstalling? Hell no!

After paying for 7 days trial, I can't even download or stream the files. It's only a nuisance. You can't watch any movies. It's a huge scam. Google Administer This is a Scam APP.

You see more advertisements than you watch the movies. Although I do not mind seeing ads sometimes, how will I be able to watch the movie? When the advertisements start, they sound louder than what is in the movie. The movies, however, are often very clear.

It has a huge selection of TV and movies. It also contains a lot of advertisements, and they are not very short. They can last 20-30 seconds or more. However, the variety is great.

It deserves three stars, but it has so many advertisements that you need to share it to continue watching. It's a good app, but there are too many old and new movies. I wish you had more anime.

It's a good app and I use it a lot. But it forces me to tell others. Let me just watch it in peace. !

It's great that you can view new or older films for free, but there is one small debuf here or two additional movies per film

My earbuds are on and it blows my ears every time there is an add. It makes us watch the next add, even though we have already seen it before. It will rewind the movie and force me to watch another one. This annoyed me, so I deleted the app

It does have new films that can still be seen in theaters, but I like it for the... It is a great movie theater.