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Everyload requires a password. It can't save my password. I had planned to buy 15 cameras, but the password has forced me to change my mind.

It worked fine up until the recent update. Now it has trouble connecting with cameras and crashes frequently. Cameras tied to this app can be pretty useless as you cannot see what they are seeing.

The old WansView application is not available. It was impossible to find the old WansView app. I had disconnect my phone and Wi-Fi. This new app won't accept my QR code, so I installed it. Is there an old version of wansview? The cloud is gone!

Update: night vision is now on/off, which is always great. Problem: My 64GB sd card is full and the camera will not overrides it once it's empty. The card is full and won't allow me to record any more. I can also not download or view the media from the card.

It was great for almost 4-5 months, but I cannot watch replay videos anymore even though they show motion captured.

They had my internet modem working perfectly until a few days ago. I now have both a Q6 & Q5 and I cannot connect to the Q5 as it doesn't support the 5G network. What can I do?

Absolutely garbage. Since they updated the app to cloud, none of my Q3S cameras have worked. Wansview cameras are the best. You can return a Wansview camera and purchase a new brand. Because they no longer support the cameras with their new app, I have now $300 worth of useless cameras. They also have poor customer service.

Two wansview cameras W9 & W4 are my favorites.. I had some problems with W-9, but Wayne's tech support was amazing..

My camera was offline for three weeks before I noticed and I did not receive any notification. I tried to troubleshoot but with no success. Customer service never responded. This horrible service is why I am unsubscribing. Their cloud storage is expensive and I am paying for it. If your video footage is older than one week, you can't view it. You could also use the memory card to delete any unneeded footages every week. You have been unsubscribed

This is a great option for your camera system, as long as there's a reliable mobile connection. Nighttime is when motion detection starts triggering false alarms. False detection will be triggered by every bug and raindrop. Night infrared motion detection (IR) needs to be improved. It works well with mobile connections even when you are not home. Tencent and other trackers are in the apk

NO ONE! After my camera lost its connection for over a month I emailed CS and they did all the work except to reset it. Because my cameras are in close proximity to my gutters, I need someone to help me climb the ladder. My camera suddenly went online at midnight. My main problem is that the camera can't recognize motion from people. This feature should be available to all! What else could I buy a surveillance camera? The vehicles trigger my camera so that if I catch a person, it works. This camera is no longer recommended.

The old app was constantly failing to launch when it was launched. I removed it, and the app is no longer available in the Play Store. The new app doesn't support my old, fine cam ..... awesome stupid

The replay could not be viewed from my SD card. Camera reinstalled and card was also changed, but the problem still persists. Model W5

You cannot view live feeds from 4 cameras simultaneously. Film delay can be up to 20 minutes This is inexcusable. Fix it!

For some reason after latest update, i have 4 cameras. The cameras are slowing down now, with a delay for a couple of seconds and then for about 20 minutes. I can switch between 2 cameras. I have four external cameras, so I need them all in real-time. These were fine. Internet speed is great. Please sort it out.