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My posts on &TEAM fandom were supposed to be seen by some, but it didn't. What do I do?

My weverse app does not have a network connection. Why is my network full? The weverse app cannot connect to the network. However, I swear it is working but can't find anything. Please, help!

It would be great if you could bring back the original one so that we can save artist moments from jpg with no text. I also hope you'd add subtitles to every live they do.

Overall, App is fantastic. We would appreciate English subtitles. International fans will be able to watch the live stream later.

Weverse is my favorite, but I haven't received any notifications for about two weeks. I don't get any notification when BTS goes live. When they comment on someone's posts or post anything new. This is very annoying.

Weverse doesn't send me notification of live and/or post notifications. Please fix the problem. It is not showing live, even if there are live broadcasts.

Why should I choose the artist when ads for other artists are plastered over my artist's updates? Is it necessary to see that another artist is performing live? Does this make the app slower and more heavy to access my artist's updates? Please fix the crashing and lagging issues. Why not prioritize spammy comments that the artist cannot read over fixing live's clear display? ?

The picture-in-picture function is not available to me because it stops my video every time I exit the app. Even though I activated the PIP. It's also useless because there is no play button.

It isn't sending me an email if I click forgot the password. I tried this many times, but it didn't work.

Bih Hit, please solve the problem. I am getting notification now but not of the artist. Please fix all the other prosbles.

They are a prankster. It seems like they took so long to prepare for BTS Busan's concert and yet, the live stream crashed. Youtube should have broadcast the concert, and not this app. You should also stop listening to subtitles and english translations if you're a fan other artists. Weverse doesn't support foreign fans. BTS is the only reason why I have it. Weverse, you can do better. Vlive, with all of its faults, was 100x better than you!

Android users, I can't connect to my army bomb with any mv after the update. Do something.

The new weverse is great, but I have a problem. My army bomb can't be connected to my mv. Some say that only iPhone users can access the army bomb. This is unfair. Please fix this.

This app is my favorite because it keeps me informed about bts, enhypen and seventeen. But the worst part? Even if you have turned on the notification it still doesn't work. It's always late. The second problem is that the English translation is to inconsistent.

The Weverse app can be used by any fan of kpop, but a few days later, bts Busan held a live concert on it. Live got crashed.