Word Cookies™ for PC

Word Cookies™ for PC

World's Best Word Game, Now with Multi-Playing Mode!

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Help: Please expand the dictionary... Tam and Poi! It can be difficult at times, but you'll likely see the difference quickly if you return. UPDATE 2020: I'm enjoying the game again. It was just as enjoyable as it was before I installed it again. It even has some interesting quirks. UPDATE: 2022 A great game from a great company. You might also like their other games. Fair privacy policy. They are actually mine!

This is a great idea. It's fun, relaxing and easy to use. It's a great idea. I look forward to seeing where it leads me.

This game was apparently restarted after I got a new smartphone. Even worse, hints now cost 100 coins instead of 25. Weekend bakeoff no longer is free, and advertisements play in the middle even though you haven't clicked on any. It used to be an enjoyable game. Now it is really terrible.

However, l was already playing at a high level in you games which I look forward to every Saturday for the reward. But my tablet crashed and l have lost all of it. I now have to go back and start again, climbing the levels. This is okay for me because l've enjoyed learning and playing. Thank you!

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It is time to return to the game I love. I used to be further away than I am now. It was necessary to begin from scratch

The game is great, but I find the advertisements overwhelming. One item I ordered never came and was shipped back to me. It arrived on Amazon at a fraction of the cost. I ordered another item at $39.99, and was then charged $211 !

It's so relaxing ..... I love this game. I don't have to worry about it and will continue until I get there.

Enjoyed the game up until now, but it stopped working after an update on Oct 25, and then kept closing when I tried to play. Two days later, the game closed again. Well, it seems that the game is now working fine a few hours later. However this isn't the first time.

19/10/21 - I am very disappointed to have submitted proof of payment for the ads-free version. However, the ads are still showing up even though I updated. Also, I have provided proof of payment. I have updated again, but ADS STILL POPPING UP EVEN IF ME PAYING FOR ADS FREE VERSION

This is an interesting game, which makes me happy every time. It also educates children on spelling in school, home and outside competition. That is why I love it.

It's addictive and fun. It stimulates the brain. Keep it up! !

I love working on the word game. Would like to see more coins for challenges. But overall, it's a fun game.

You want a satisfying and enjoyable puzzle game? This is the perfect puzzle game for you! Give it a shot

This game has a lot of ads. I highly recommend that you do not download the app.