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Last update: The person was removed. If someone is on my porch, the alarm will go off if they blow their headlights onto the grass. One of my three camaras won't connect. I am very dissatisfied. You are looking for a better system?

Kami/Yi recently emailed me to inform me that the 6 second alerts were no longer available, unless I subscribe. It was unfair that 7-day recordings stored on SD cards were now only available for 24 hours. The cameras were exactly as described and only required sd card for what I needed. Now I have four useless cameras and 4 SD cards. It also leaves me with holes in my brickwork. And it took me a lot of time mounting outside cameras. Absolute scam. Cameras lost their connection often, even when they were working properly.

After trying the free 7-day trial, I decided I didn't want it. They said that it was simple to cancel. When I tried to cancel, they said that I needed to talk to customer service to do so. It didn't work so I sent them two emails. All they said back was "Why don't you want it?" We can keep you from leaving. It's not what I want, but it still shows that Nov. 1st will be charged. All of the above is true and correct. I am going to take legal action against those who have been charged! DO NOT GET THIS! Do NOT !

It's a scam. If you have been growing, you should now be able to afford the clip for 6 seconds. Your subscription is not for me. Jokers.

It's a good app, and the cameras are great for the money. The app is great for monitoring my cats while on the road. The motion detection feature and cloud service allow me to monitor my cats from anywhere. It's difficult to cancel. That is why I gave it 3 stars. You have to cancel via the app. They will then ask six times by email to confirm that you wish to cancel. It should be easy to cancel the subscription and resubscribe, without going through all of this.

It's not capturing movement. We had 5 cameras on and intruders in 324am. They drove in a van with a cube and drove into our farm. These are going to be thrown in the trash.

Why? Why? When we most need the camera, connection problems can occur. Scheduling notification times could be an issue because although we can view recorded detections immediately, it is not possible to see real-time within five minutes of loading. It defeats the main purpose of using the live camera. Although recording can be great, what's the point if it isn't working?

You can still enjoy the beauty of the camera and you don't need to use the cloud storage if it isn't necessary. But if you need to store your photos for longer periods of time, definitely consider the cloud storage option

You can no longer get 6 minutes of video storage for free. Instead, you will need to purchase a cloud plan. Motion alarms are not reliable and do not trigger often.

Their cloud service is useless. Even with a free trial, I cannot view any other than the live feed. NOT A FAN

Return your cameras. You can view your cameras only live. It doesn't detect motion, and it is very inaccurate. The cloud service won't be useful if the cameras aren't registering motion.

Overall, I'm very happy with the service. You can make this service even better, as with all things. All of you have probably already submitted ideas.

What security device doesn't accept symbols as your WiFi password? 1982 asks you to return to the DeLorean in order to go back to a time when security isn’t Hot Garbage.

Although my cameras produce very clear video, I set each camera to record 24 hours a day but not 24/7. There are long periods of inactivity that I don't record. While my camera can show my car parked in my driveway, it won't capture me actually walking up to it and getting it into my garage. It is impossible to call someone and have them help you. It doesn't matter what they tell you to do, and many instructions aren't clear.

Our videos are being hacked by others. We don't know the exact method, but it is being done. They must provide more anti-spyware