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YI IoT for PC

Connects you with family through real-time video and audio anytime and anywhere

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About a year ago, I bought 3 cameras. Each camera has a card that keeps recordings. Today, I get motion notices about every 15-20 minutes. You will get an advertisement video for cloud services when you attempt to view these alerts. This illegal access to cameras purchased and paid for must be stopped. My cameras are mine. They were purchased and paid for by me. I have full access to each camera and the recording. Access to the cameras and recording on them is my property.

We have reached the point where our system can no longer provide free 6-second video storage after years of growth. Cloud Plans are available for those who have used our app to view their videos. These plans include many more features. Cloud Plans: Full videos showing what you have missed over the past 30 days. Smart AI detection for humans, pets, and cars. Add additional devices to create a protected cloud home. Here's an email I got from YI IoT

I'm going to rate this camera five stars. It was so much easier than my previous doorbell camera. It is so easy to set up. I will give it another couple weeks before I get one more. To help, I have an extender halfway. It is attached to my router right next to me. WOW!!! This cool camera is highly recommended.

When I first downloaded the app, my phone had to be switched. I couldn't remove the "try the Cloud" message (I use a memory stick) because the whole screen is covered in it. It makes it impossible for me to see it. This is the only way to get rid of it without purchasing it. Is it really necessary to force everyone into purchasing the cloud? This is my only issue and I am having to sell all of my digital cameras to buy the cloud. It is really bad business practice to do this with a brand new company.

Although camera is awesome, I have recently been unable to view the 6second IP without an app asking me to save my content to THE CLOUD no. I do not want any of my data saved on site. It's not necessary to sign up for yet another useless entity to access it.

No longer able to receive alerts. It's not very secure. All of you looking for a way to get rid of this Chinese company that is watching your every move, install customized firmware on your cameras.

The app was easy to use for me, a 62-year old. It was easy to setup and use. The app is free and I haven't seen ads.

They've removed the 6-second clip from this app and are encouraging you to upgrade. The camera used to notify you every 6 seconds, but it no longer does so. You can still watch the clip but only if you have an upgrade. It's basically a non-functional app and camera! Report to Google if you find the app or camera infecient. Please give your reasons.

These cameras are great. They were easy to install and have excellent sound and picture quality. It has one drawback, you need to choose a plan in order to view the videos. Other than that it is great. Highly recommended

It was simple to set up. They have fallen back to pay-to-play, and the only feature that is useful now is live view. The cameras will soon be thrown out. They can fix it and I'll adjust my rating.

This was once great. It used to be that I could wake up every morning and watch 5 seconds of my cat's nightly activities. But now, they have completely removed access without me paying for a subscription. This is a fraud! The camera was promised that I would have access to short clips at no cost. However, the company has changed its policy and they are now stuck with it. It's a garbage company.

The last update rendered your camera inoperable. You can no longer view alert previews without a subscription. The alert is not reliable, most of the detections are false.

They updated their software, forcing you to sign up for the premium plan in order to see the video clip. The camera is rendered useless.

I was enjoying this app up until the moment it wouldn't allow me to view clips from my camera due to an advert. It is time for me uninstall and look elsewhere.

This service is not worth the money. You will need to subscribe to view recorded events, but live streams can be viewed whenever it connects. This terrible product is not worth your time. There are better options that are more reliable and offer superior service. You will see the same things even if you change your language to English.