Yoho Sports for PC

Yoho Sports for PC

The Yoho Sports bracelet is a device that can detect people's movement.

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CategoryHealth & Fitness
AuthormCube Inc.

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About Yoho Sports For PC

Both the app and my device are utter garbage. My device has been with me for 3 weeks. I was able link it to the app for 2 days and then nothing. I have no steps, heartbeat measurements, or sleep tracking. All the "Troubleshooting", all of it, nothing. DON'T USE YOUR MONEY TO BUY THIS DEVICE. IT IS LITERARY GARBAGE. The devices were practically thrown away by the owners because they knew they were trash. If I had to, I'd give them zero stars.

Alarm seems to have an issue. I have tried the Android version. 1. When I attempt to delete or edit an existing alarm, the application crashes. You can only change the alarm by deleting all data from your phone and setting up new ones. 2. It seems that there is no way to adjust the alarm to make the watch vibrate more often. My watch vibrates five times per alarm before it stops. It works well for light sleepers, but not enough for deep sleepers.

It would be great if the watch was always connected. If it stops working, you will need to uninstall the app and install it again.

I love the option to upload my picture to the group. #1. Sleep time is not a valid option. #2. Blood pressure is inaccurate. The heart rate also isn't accurate. There are no instructions for the'music' function. The sleep time would be a great feature. I'd give it more stars if that worked. My watch stopped registering. It worked fine for one year. What HAPPENED?

Was working great. A little bit more sleep. Now, everything is working except for the steps. It just stays at 0. It locks up when you attempt to view steps in the app and displays the message "Close, Wait, Report".

If I had to, it would be a plus. I am still unable to connect the watch to my smartphone despite following all the directions.

I can't use the smartband to send messages, and this app is useless information so it doesn't make sense for me to do any work with it.

After 08/08/ 22, the bracelet does not read BPM or blood pressure. There is an issue in the design. This can be fixed to improve the user experience.

Yoho Sports app often loses connectivity to my watch. Since the last update, it has been impossible to link the watch and app together. This is very annoying because the watch has no way to reset the time or date without the app.

Although the app works, figuring out how to use it is difficult. "Please Bind the Device First" is an extremely difficult task. I tried to wear it and tried powering it. Nothing worked. The watch works as a watch but it is not a good watch.

The time on my watch is incorrect. It also changes between regular and miltary times. What can I do to change the time? It is an hour and twelve minutes off. BUT, YOU WOULD TRUST THE TIME WOULD CORRECT. How do I reset it?

Everything is not synchronized. It's impossible to see the total number of steps that I have previously taken. It never stays synchronized for sleep. Update: I have an update. I hope it doesn't cause any problems. It doesn't work the same way it used to. I cannot see how many steps were taken for each day. It's still not better. Still no better.

A fitness tracker bracelet I bought isn't charging. It vibrates but it won't turn on.

Needs improvement. 24 hour time is not enough. 12 hour time is too short for me. Goodmans Fit watch has better clock faces.

It is extremely buggy. I also have a PS16 Watch and the notifications quit coming through after a while. I highly recommend that the app be updated as often as the watches' firmware. !