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Control your Zmodo connected home products in one easy-to-use app.

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My system has been with me since 2018, and it works perfectly. All you have to do is get good internet.

This app has been with me for more than a year. No issues. The only thing that I would suggest is to place the motion sensor in two places instead of just one. Also, circular selection is better than rectangular.

The camera images appear to be moving in bursts rather than continuous motion. It looks almost like the subject is jumping around from one spot to another. The clock starts and stops as well.

The zmodo cameras are very affordable, which I love. This is not a good security system. My security camera says that half the time it is offline. Cloud storage costs extra. If you do not have an SD card, your chances of getting into trouble are high. I am currently looking for a more advanced system. We have four cameras, and two of them always say there offline.

Good video of Movement Notifications erratic and infrequent - zmodo Network tester shows both services INTERMITTENT OPERATING - INTERMITTENT MOTIVATION ALARM – BOTH CAMERAS PLEASE FIX SERVER CONNECTION

It is asking you to log out every three minutes. All permissions permitted location record notification permissions all allowed Still unsure? Log in again.

The connection keeps dropping and it takes forever to view the notification. If it is offline, it won't show you a notification. I use an inexpensive doorbell camera but I do still use an it stamp. I always get an error that frustrates me.

This camera can be changed of heart and is better than the Ring. It's also less irritating than the Ring and the neighbor posting politics. This is hands-down the most secure camera I have ever used.

Excellent service and cameras. Two of my four cameras are no longer working and they won't turn on again. I am going to sell them and get a better system.

My 4 new cameras have been a great success. They work well, are easy to set up, and I'm completely satisfied with their performance. The cameras have never had any issues with connectivity or app updates. I also review their notifications and cameras while traveling over 5000 miles. Sorry to hear that others are experiencing problems .....

I am changing my rating to 1 to 3 stars after the last software update for the camera greatly improved quality, speed and motion detection...keep up the good work...i won't give up...this time it was great...thanks!

Although satisfied, it could have been better. I have been using zmodo since a while. The paid subscription was very helpful in identifying the attempted intruder/break in. If I was able to use my Nest monitors to see the cameras, it would be 5 stars.

Update ....seems to work well, even though it was only on the 3 last cameras of 7. ** The Galaxy Note 10+ will not pick up my devices, no matter how many times i've read the steps step-by-step. All 4 cameras worked seamlessly until 2 died. They are no longer registered and were purchased a little more than a year ago.

The app is inconsistent and may not work at all times. Video is very slow and often lags for several seconds. This is the only way to see zmodo cameras ( no PC app?). It makes cameras nearly worthless. The subscription service is terrible and expensive. I would not recommend Zmodo products to anyone.

Is Zmodo not working "this time". When I attempt to log into Zmodo, it keeps telling me "operation failed". It has been uninstalled and reinstalled. Nothing. They went out of business.