Zosi Smart for PC

Zosi Smart for PC

Live NVR/DVR/IPC viewing on your mobile phone

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AuthorZOSI Technology Co., Ltd

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The app will not connect to my phone and remain connected. Why bother with it when I can only view my cameras from home? It's important that I can view the cameras even if I am not there.

The live camera works great with Alert. My biggest issue is watching replays. When it feels that way, it works. It usually takes a few minutes for the effect to kick in. It won't always play. It works overall. It was worth spending the $$$ It is.

Since the last update, the app has been failing to "initialize", and it crashes every single time I try to open it now.

App is useless and no customer support. The system crashes most of the times, so you can't log in online. Use every means to avoid it

My Kasa camera has no buffering issues. The 4 C289 cameras that I own are fine, but my 2 C90 cameras are unwarchable by Alexa. Both cameras work in the app. BUT, A POPUP HAS APOUSED IN THE APP EVER SINCE THE C90 HAS BEEN INSTALLED. I DON'T WANT THIS POPUP PUSHING a CLOUD SERVICE THANKS. Two C90 cameras leaked water, causing two 128mb SD card to be destroyed.

I have actually had good success with this system and the app, up to yesterday. It crashes every time i try to open the app and load my cameras. I hope this bug is fixed quickly.

Installation was simple and trouble-free. I have had zero issues with the app and equipment. App interface flawless, 8 cameras plus DVR. Clear, crisp video. You could continue, but that's not what I will do. Grab the app and equipment. It won't take you long to get it.

Is it because your app suddenly has a bug? This bug must be fixed immediately, I get it.

It is a great application that I use for my camera.

It would be a tough choice if I could. I have a problem connecting my smartphone to camera's while it isn't connected to WiFI at home.

It is an awful app. It is impossible to buy the cloud or anything else in the shop. Only view and listen to live video is what I am able to do. Alerts do not seem to work. This is not a good sign for this system's use.

This app is so far good. It's better than my last. It could still use some improvements. This will likely be updated in the near future.

Toxic junk, trash. Motion detection stops working. Playback ceases to work. Push notifications cease to work. Diagnostics for devices stop working. Receive error: Only one person is permitted to see motion detection and playback videos. It is safe to say that Zosi has taken control of my computer. Zosi doesn't know how to solve the problems. Zosi blames her home network for the problem. It can't be my network, even if it is working and then suddenly it doesn't.

Incapable of retrieving the photos from the motion sensor or transferring them to cloud storage. It was a good investment in a DVR and camera system that can't store, retrieve or record pictures. Dissatisfied, and ready to use social media.

Playback is not as reliable as an app for secerity. The app doesn't allow you to set the time for a digital video recorder. The app shows 18:00 on my dvr, and it is correct. However, the app states 20:00. I don't know how to adjust this. I tried to look online for answers, but failed.