Zwift Companion for PC

Zwift Companion for PC

Make the most of your Zwifting with Zwift Companion.

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AuthorZwift, Inc.

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About Zwift Companion For PC

Zwift is a great tool to keep me motivated while riding the bicycle and on the TM. Zwift's companion app allows me to stay in touch with my friends on Zwift, even when I am not playing. The ability to track my runs, and set goals is also a great feature.

This app does not allow you to sign up for training plans. That's what I want. While you can view a plan that you have already signed up for, you can't access the stress scores or mark them as completed, you can't order them again, nor can you plan to do them. It is an expensive subscription that doesn't support your planning of training.

It was really disappointing. It doesn't work all the time and it isn't equipped with many of the features you require for Zwifting. It is still necessary to use your main device, so it's not really useful. This is a fantastic idea, but it must work.

Was the app lost? Recent disaster. It took a while to load the game (I use Galaxy - Android), and then it won't show me in my account. I tried to resolve the issue according Zwift Support instructions but it didn't work.

It's adequate, but it doesn't accomplish half the things that it should. If my heart beat is above 100, half of the information doesn't show up on the map screen.

It's okay to get events, etc. Pre-game it's great. During the game it can be frustrating if it doesn't work.

It's great. Zwift has made me a stronger cyclist. Zwift is a great tool for anyone who wants to improve their riding skills.

The concept is great, it serves its purpose well and does the basic functions very well. However, it is not able to see the routes and meetup function disappeared. Also, there's no way to tag others in your ride comments.

Zwift has been my favorite bike for the past four years. It's great for training in winter or pandemics. I am 71 and have not been as active as I used to be. When I get tired, I just need to walk away and forget about the time it takes me home. I would like to find new routes.

I find the app works well. The in-game texting is a great feature. It makes the time fly by. The ride ends quickly. Sometimes, there may be connection problems. In these cases I power off my phone. Usually things work fine when it comes back on.

Due to balance and dizziness issues, I haven't been able cycle outside in a while. Zwift, the Companion App and Zwift have been my lifesavers. It is all I could ask for, it's my savior.

It's okay in general, but it needs improvement. Filters should be able to choose which blocks of time to display and have the ability to select a night block (eg, events between 10pm - 7am) These events are not necessary for me as I do not Zwift at that time.

I love zwift, the companion app. However, I wish that the companion app could display a list with routes without the need to arrange a meet-up. It would be great to have the option to change your gear and access the drop shop without needing to use a smartphone (the recent dashboard update makes it possible to do this from a computer). You may also find that navigating back onto some screens can be difficult. For example, if you want to view people you gave a ride on, going back will bring you back the main menu.

It worked fine up to the latest update. Power and cadence are now way below what they should. On a one-hour ride, I managed to average 15 watts of cadence and 10 rpm power. Although I am not the fastest rider, I can still do it much faster. Similar numbers are what I see when I check out friends' rides. Huawei p30 running latest Android version.

They have a lot of users and could make more with the income they get. There are still glitches and bad graphics. After the update, users interface has become worse