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Aptana Studio, an integrated development environment, (IDE), is a tool for creating dynamic web apps using PHP, Ruby on Railss, Ruby on Railsss and Python. You can use the modules to make programs using Adobe Air technology or to develop iPhone utility apps.

The integration of two additional Aptana tools increases its potential to be almost infinite. Aptana Jaxer is an Ajax server; Aptana Cloud is a complimentary hosting service.

Aptana Studio includes a code assistant. This allows the programmers to write in various languages such as JavaScript and CSS. It can display all elements as well as their properties in the HTML language.

Aptana Studio contains information about support for all major internet browsers, including IE, Firefox and Opera.

Atpana also has other interesting aspects:

Browser for Tree-based Codes

-AJAX/JavaScript popular libraries.

Functionality Extension using actions and macros

Warning and errors viewer.

Local Server to test code.