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Digital Content now available by subscription introducing the NSP ALL ACCESS PASS.
We’ve bundled all our digital content; 30 titles, across 5 book series, 10,000 pages, analyzing 500 products and services purchased by American consumers—an incredible support tool to identify customers, get in front of emerging trends and secure your businesses success.
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Digital Content on a Subscription Basis

Introducing THE ALL ACCESS PASS demographics for nearly every conceivable business! Anyone selling a product or service to the American consumer will benefit from this valuable support tool to identify customers, spot and get in front of emerging trends, and secure business success.

What is this?  A multi-user license providing access to ALL our digital content through our dashboard via a yearly subscription plan, including automatic access to all new editions as the All Access Pass delivers the newest data released during your subscription period.

How does it work? Mount the multi-user pdfs on your server to share with every member at your organization. You may also allow qualified members access to the content they need from our virtual library dashboard via shared login credentials, or via http referrer through your websites member protected areas. The multi-user site license may not be distributed outside of your organization.

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  • Corporations to be used as an in-house resource tool • University and public libraries serving the business needs of its communities • Small Business Development Centers • Chambers of Commerce • Professional business groups with a focus on advertising, marketing, and R&D looking to enhance member benefits and retain membership attrition. Help your members identify their customers

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  • Review the 500 products and services covered, demographics for nearly every conceivable business
  • Read our reviews touting our value and quality
  • Explore our bookshelf, each title offers a look inside for your examination
  • And perhaps most importantly, scrutinize our data sources. As the sole publisher of the federal government’s Consumer Expenditure Survey, the only comprehensive survey of how much households spend on every product and service, New Strategist reveals the best customers—the households most likely to buy products and services. We also reveal the biggest customers who control the largest share of spending.

Don’t plan blindly, the All Access Pass eliminates the guesswork and quickly and accurately identifies hundreds of target markets.

We have been tracking trends and producing consumer spending and demographic reference tools for businesses for over 25 years. New Strategist Press, your one-stop resource for understanding trends in the American marketplace.



Our Bookshelf

Grow your business and prosper!
Anyone offering a service or product to the American consumer will benefit from the value of the NSP ALL ACCESS Pass as a support tool to identify customers, spot and get in front of emerging trends, and secure your business success.

Get fast access to the numbers you need in this series of quick-reference books that sum up the U.S. population.

Four volumes that examine who has money and what they do with it.

Provides a comprehensive look at the characteristics of America’s three major minorities: Asians, Blacks, and Hispanics.

Researchers, get even more detail about how much Americans spend by the demographics that count—age, income, household type, race and Hispanic origin, region of residence, and education.

Provides an in-depth look at demographic and lifestyle data—understand how each generation is changing and what to expect from them in the future.