American Attitudes: Who Thinks What about the Issues That Shape Our Lives, 8th edition


Find out what Americans think about hundreds of topics ranging from premarital sex to global warming, all broken out by the demographics that shape perspective. Especially valuable are the comparisons of how attitudes have changed since 1996.


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The eighth edition of American Attitudes: Who Thinks What about the Issues That Shape Our Lives coaxes the results of the latest (2014) General Social Survey out of the shadows of academia and makes them readily available for researchers who want to explore Americans’ changing attitudes.

In hundreds of tables, the eighth edition of American Attitudes taps into the GSS gold mine, revealing what the public thinks about topics ranging from gay marriage to the American Dream, and the pros and cons of patriotism, how Americans feel about their financial status, their hopes for their children, how often they socialize and with whom, their religious beliefs, political leanings, and standard of living.

It shows those answers by the demographics that shape perspective—sex, age, race, Hispanic origin, education, and region. American Attitudes reveals 2014 attitudes by demographic characteristic, and for every 2014 question for which historical data are available, it shows the history of response all the way back to the first appearance of the question on the General Social Survey. American Attitudes provides the latest data and is an invaluable resource for historic trends.

 The eighth edition of American Attitudes is organized into 10 chapters: Public Arena, Government and Politics, Patriotism, Science and Information, Religion, Work and Money, Family and Friends, Diversity, Personal Outlook, and Sexuality.

604 Pages Available July 2015
cloth ISBN 978-1-933588-20-9; paper ISBN 978-1-885070-47-0; pdf ISBN 978-1-885070-66-1

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“Could be called . . . the political strategist’s bible.”
— The Wall Street Journal

“Highly recommended.”

“. . . useful and informative.”
 — American Reference Books Annual

“Students looking for excellent documentation of public opinion on virtually any current topic will find this work extremely helpful.” 
— Scranton University Library Newsletter