Older Americans: A Changing Market, 7th ed.


Find out why no segment of the population will change as much as older Americans during the next two decades.


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A revolution is underway. In 2011, the oldest members of the Baby-Boom generation turned 65 and became eligible for Medicare. Many have been collecting Social Security benefits since they turned 62. The transformation of the 55-or-older population continues with each birthday celebrated by the enormous Baby-Boom generation as it enters the older age groups.

The seventh edition of Older Americans: A Changing Market includes the latest statistics on the health, living arrangements, incomes, spending, and wealth of the 55-or-older age group. New to this edition is all-important 2010 census population data, a unique comparison of the attitudes of the four generations of American adults based on the General Social Survey, homeownership rates, time use by age and sex, trends in household spending and wealth since the Great Recession, and labor force statistics with projections to 2020.

Older Americans: A Changing Market is designed for easy use. It is divided into 11 chapters, organized alphabetically: attitudes, education, health, housing, income, labor force, living arrangements, population, spending, time use, and wealth.

Because the economic downturn has hurt many older Americans, an understanding of their wants and needs is increasingly vital to both businesses and government. Older Americans tells you what you need to know about this market.

388 pages; June 2012
ISBN 978-1-937737-08-5 (hardcover); ISBN 978-1-937737-09-2 (paper);
ISBN 978-1-937737-20-7 (PDF)

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“Although this fascinating and useful volume is directed toward businesses, it will be of interest to many other groups. Highly recommended.” —CHOICE

“This reference book continues to be a valuable tool for business researchers and others interested in demographic data and interpretation. It is highly recommended.” —American Reference Books Annual