The Baby Boom: Americans Born 1946 to 1964, 8th ed.


The demographic data you need to fully understand this huge and influential generation whose top concerns are financial security and health status.


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After more than six decades of breaking the rules established by their elders, the Baby-Boom generation and older Americans are one and the same. In 2014, Boomers spanned the ages from 50 to 68, accounting for 24 percent of the total U.S. population and 71 percent of the population aged 50 or older. The eighth edition of The Baby Boom: Americans Born 1946 to 1964 includes in its pages, for the first time, a statistical profile of the U.S. population aged 50 or older—absorbing the New Strategist reference book Older Americans: A Changed Market into one volume. Boomers already dominate the older market, and they’re transforming it as they take charge. The Baby Boom: Americans Born 1946 to 1964 is your strategic guide to the generation and how it is changing what it means to be old.

The Baby Boom is a definitive reference by Cheryl Russell—demographer, editorial director of New Strategist, and a nationally recognized authority on the Baby-Boom generation. In this reference, Russell analyzes Boomer attitudes, lifestyles, incomes, spending, and wealth—providing a comprehensive portrait of the huge and influential generation whose top concerns are family, finances, health care, and retirement.

Not only does this edition include the numbers you need to understand Boomers, but it also profiles people aged 69 or older in 2014, who now account for just 11 percent of the total U.S. population. This edition includes all-important 2013 updates of income, spending, and wealth, as well as a unique comparison of the attitudes of the four generations of adults based on the General Social Survey. Also in this edition are homeownership rates, time use by age and sex, and trends in household spending and wealth since the Great Recession.

The Baby Boom: Americans Born 1946 to 1964 is designed for easy use. It is divided into 11 chapters, organized alphabetically: attitudes, education, health, housing, income, labor force, living arrangements, population, spending, time use, and wealth.

439 pages; January 2015
ISBN: 9781940308876 (hardcover) ;9781940308883 (paper); 9781940308890 (PDF)

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“The Baby Boom has been highly influential and their opinions and demographics are a barometer of where the entire nation stands today. The Baby Boom is a very helpful source—highly recommended.” —American Reference Books Annual