Who’s Buying: Executive Summary of Household Spending, 10th ed.


A broad overview of spending that provides insights into consumer spending patterns and how those patterns differ by demographic characteristics.


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The new tenth edition of Who’s Buying: Executive Summary of Household Spending is based on data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2013 Consumer Expenditure Survey. It presents a broad overview of household spending in the year 2013, and a comparison of spending trends before (2000 to 2006) and after (2006 to 2013) the Great Recession. This reference is designed to give researchers insights into consumer spending trends and patterns and how the patterns differ by the following demographic characteristics: age, income, high-income households, age and income, household type, household type and age, region of residence, region and income, selected metropolitan areas, race and Hispanic origin, education, household size, homeowners and renters, number of earners in household, and occupation.

INTENDED AUDIENCE:  Marketers, business students, and the libraries that serve them. It is a one-of-a-kind resource for those who need to understand patterns and trends in household spending.

214 Pages   Available in Paper or PDF format.  Released: July 2015
Paper ISBN: 978-1-933588-36-0, PDF ISBN: 978-1-933588-37-7

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