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Free Audio Converter is an exact tool that allows you to convert audio files to common audio formats.

The program can perform these conversions.

Convert MP3 to wav and m4a.
Convert wav files to MP3, M4A, Ac, WMA, and Ogg.
Convert m4a from wav to mp3, wav and wma.
Convert aac from wav to mp3, m4c and wma.
Convert WMA to MP3, Wav, Ogg, M4C and AAC.
Convert ogg into mp3, wav and m4c.

You can also choose from different quality outputs, depending on how large the file is and where it's going.

Only select the files that you wish to convert, and then choose an output folder. All the rest is up to Free Audio Converter. The program offers preset output profiles that can prove very useful if you are not an expert in audio file conversion.

You can also convert individual audio files or batch them, and edit the tags.