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Apple created this popular mp3 organizer and it now has a Windows version. iTunes, which is the best tool to manage and play your mp3 files, can be used with any iPod Shuffle or iPod Nano. It's also the ideal companion for the iPod touch, iPod touch, and iPhone. iTunes is compatible with any iPod model.

iTunes allows you to edit and create playlists. You can also search your music collection and create CD jewel inserts with album art. You can copy the music from your CDs to HD or create your own CDs.

It now includes a video organizer, just like its brother mp3, so it is even more comprehensive. You can now organize your audiobooks, music videos and podcasts.

You can also sync your iPhone or iPod with iTunes using the Auto-Sync feature. It's fast and easy. Your iPod will always be updated with the latest additions to iTunes.