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About Karaokemedia Home For PC

Although it's been a while since the first karaoke was invented, singing your favorite songs with friends is still very popular at parties.

KaraokeMedia, a karaoke player with intuitive interface and a design that reminds you of iTunes, is a karaoke tool. You can see all the songs and artists that are available, as well as new and free tracks.

The application works with KM3, a lightweight format that includes subtitles and high quality audio. You can use any song you have, as well as the KaraokeMedia songs (both paid and free).

You can play songs with great sound quality and video quality. They won't take up too much space on your hard disk so that you don't have to worry about your computer slowing down.

KaraokeMedia also offers the option to capture your performances and those of your friends using your webcam. The video can be uploaded to Facebook and Twitter.

Karaokemedia offers sound effects you can use from the Tools menu. These sounds add an extra dimension to Karaokemedia's performances. You can get applause for good songs or boos for bad ones. You can also add your sounds, up to four.

This player is perfect for karaoke lovers. It can make playlists, record performances and add fun effects to your performance. Premium accounts have many other features.