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Kiwi Music Player for PC

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AuthorStudio Quipo inc.


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About Kiwi Music Player For PC

Kiwi Music Player allows you to stream your favourite artists through YouTube.

Kiwi Music Player automatically locates high-quality audio and video so you can hear music directly from artists or record labels. The tool allows you to filter the whole catalog into different musical styles. This will give you easy access to any type of music that you like and allow you to find new artists.

Many songs have lyrics underneath the video. These links to songs from the same album, or the same artist. You can also find a link to iTunes, where the song is legally purchased. Kiwi Music Player is a YouTube-like application that allows you to access all music in one click. It's sorted alphabetically by genre and has no third party comments.

These are just a few of the many great features. The tool allows you to make playlists. This means that you don't need to have direct access to YouTube, Spotify, or other streaming services to hear your favourite music.