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MP3 Quality Modifier for PC

MP3 Quality Modifier Details

AuthorKevin Schneider


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About MP3 Quality Modifier For PC

The compression capability of MP3 files is one of the biggest advantages. This allows you to make smaller files with less quality.

A standard MP3 file has 128kbps bitrate. This quality is sufficient to enjoy your music without any problems, unless you're a very demanding music fan. This file is ideal for storage and listening, and it's small in size.

MP3 Quality Modifier is a lightweight program that allows you to modify the audio quality and make the best use of the space available.

The MP3 Quality Modifier lets you change your bitrate from 10 to 315 kbps. The frequency and audio channels can be adjusted from 8000 to 48000 HZ.

The interface is very simple to use. Drag and drop files into the converter list, and then set your output settings.