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Splashtop WiredXDisplay for Windows allows you to use your iPad as an additional monitor. It takes only seconds to set up and you will have your second monitor ready for you to view any windows that you are working on.

Splashtop Wired's XDisplay interface allows you to adjust the image ratio in accordance with your preference. This allows you to set up your second monitor so that it is as functional as possible without losing image quality. The iPad's screen resolution can be used as a regular monitor.

You will also need the Splashtop WiredXDisplay application for your iPad to use this program. Once you have done that, your iPad and PC can be linked and you will enjoy your dual-setup. To connect them, you will need a cable.

Splashtop WiredXDisplay can be a useful tool for those who need a second screen on their PC but aren't looking to spend the money on an extra monitor. This tool works with an iPad that is connected to your Mac or computer. This program allows you to work between two operational monitors.