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Typora allows you to create Markdown source code and MathJax support using a simple, functional interface. You can preview the code in real time so that you can both write and format code simultaneously.

Typora's best feature is the live mode. This allows you to view how code is being applied while it is being written. Typora will show you how the code is applied after you have finished typing the bold text. Click on any part to view the code that you've inserted. This function allows you to view all of the code that you have inserted and modify it with just one click.

Typora's focus mode is another advantage. It allows you to concentrate on one paragraph at a time, and reduces distractions from other paragraphs. Typora also places your current line at the center of the screen so you can focus on that line without distraction.

Typora works well with MathJax. It supports a wide range of extensions, such as tables of contents and diagrams. This tool has many themes you can use to adjust to your specific needs.