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You will need to manage WiFi connections in Windows if you develop software. There are two Windows versions that are capable of managing WiFi settings. Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista. Both versions have completely different APIs.

WiFi-Manager allows you to control WiFi settings and connections in Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista with one API function.

WiFi-Manager also provides a COM interface to all API functions, so that you can control WiFi settings directly from VB.NET and other.NET languages like C.

WiFi-Manager allows you to list WiFi adapters and available networks, as well as their settings. It can be used as a regular wifi manager, allowing you to connect or disconnect from these networks, and also allows for the creation of different profiles.

WiFi-Manager can be used quickly and easily. There are also sample apps that you can use to help you get started.

It can support:

Windows XP SP2/SP3

Windows XP SP2/SP3 x64

Windows Vista

Windows Vista 64

Windows 7

Windows 7 64